Friday, July 2, 2010

Did you ever have a day....

where you were very sad, wrote it in a blog...alot of it then deleted it because it was just too much information? Well welcome to my day...a brief synopsis...
1. Sorry to have let my most favorite store down... and some amazing people.. I just can't live up to perceived expectations.
2. worried about my dad.
3. miss my family and am jealous that they are at fireworks without me
4. extremely inconsistent feelings regarding my 10th wedding anniversary this week... the inconsistency is not that we are celebrating 10 years, justin truly is my rock, the inconsistency is the feelings I have about how we are or aren't celebrating it.
5. terminally ill children are the saddest, most wonderful beings on this planet.
6. the power of now book helps...but not always

that pretty much sums it up without getting too personal, not that anyone really reads this