Sunday, November 14, 2010

yeah, yeah two posts in one night

I just wanted to share that I am scheduled to teach the second of the card classes Weds Dec 1st for the second set of 5 cards. Here they are (I think), since I don't really know which cards I posted last time. fingers crossed that I remember correctly...


whoa it has been too long

so, I guess i really need to admit to myself that I suck at blogging. I truly just get too busy or just plum forget that i have a wicked cool blog that everyone and their mother should follow. Well i am slotted to actually, truly teach my first card class at Ink, Paper, Scissors on November 27th. the last card on blue has been modified to be on brown cardstock, much cuter than the blue. Anyway, I am excited and nervous all at the same time. It will be a christmas card class using graphic 45 papers. I love their vintage christmas line. I have to reveal a little secret, well not so little if you know me but I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! I have not decorated yet, but really kind of want to, but I have absolutely started listening to christmas music! Love it. any way check out my cards because hopefully all will go well and i will teach more??? we shall see... if people like me or what I have to offer or even if I like teaching. Who knows only time will tell.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ink Paper Scissors website is up and running

So I just spent a good portion of the day doing inventory at my favorite store-yep you guessed it...Ink Paper Scissors, and I did not even make a dent in the new items. Pat and Liz have been working tirelessly to bring in the latest and greatest products. Also the website for the store is now up and running so everyone can get up to the minute details on crops, classes and products. I always love walking in to the store and doing at least one lap around to look at all the new things they brought in since the last time I visited or things I may not have seen the last time, Ok I have to admit I usually take more than one lap to soak it all in. Yes, I was one of those kids who cherished my new pencils, notebooks and back to school gadgets that I bought every fall. I even love the way all that stuff smells!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

zentangle at the beach?

So I just had a great beach trip with my family for a few days this week. One of the days I was sad I did not bring some Zentangle supplies to the beach with me since I thought it would be fun to "doodle" while sitting at the ocean. Justin suggested i make something in the sand and so I did. This is my zentangle inspired rock creation. Boy did I have a blast doing it and boy was it relaxing. Hope you enjoy. It lasted for an hour or so until we went for a walk and the kids next to us came to check it out and crushed it. I honest to goodness did not mind and as we were walking back to our blanket I had to tell my own kids, "now kids I think those kids are probably changing or tearing apart mommy's creation and that is perfectly fine" since I did not want my cherubs to be mean to the other kids. and how zen-like that I truly meant it when I said I didn't mind... Yeah


Sunday, August 15, 2010

long time no blog

well summer has definitely kept me busy, working, enjoying the kids but definitely not scrapping or cardmaking like I want to. Oh well fall is coming and hopefully I will dust off my creative corner and get working. I am recovering from pneumonia and physically feel fine other than not being able to really exercise since walking up stairs leads to a winded hacking fest with coughing up a lung. But is has diseased my brain and I have been in poor mental space since. My wonderful husband let me go last minute to a beginner Zentangle class at my favorite scrapbook store. It was extremely relaxing and fun. I can't wait to doodle away more. Here are the samples I completed today.... enjoy

also I love to pass on other fun blogs I find check out it is soooooooo very cute!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Did you ever have a day....

where you were very sad, wrote it in a blog...alot of it then deleted it because it was just too much information? Well welcome to my day...a brief synopsis...
1. Sorry to have let my most favorite store down... and some amazing people.. I just can't live up to perceived expectations.
2. worried about my dad.
3. miss my family and am jealous that they are at fireworks without me
4. extremely inconsistent feelings regarding my 10th wedding anniversary this week... the inconsistency is not that we are celebrating 10 years, justin truly is my rock, the inconsistency is the feelings I have about how we are or aren't celebrating it.
5. terminally ill children are the saddest, most wonderful beings on this planet.
6. the power of now book helps...but not always

that pretty much sums it up without getting too personal, not that anyone really reads this


Friday, June 18, 2010

I love surprise gifts

Yes, I have to admit I am selfish enough and materialistic enough to say I LOVE getting a suprise gift. I was at work today feeling pretty sad since my Hubby let my kindergartner play hooky and they all (all being the hubby my 5 and 6 year old) went to six flags, without me a big BOOO-HOO-HOO for me. It was going to be almost 90 and it is the end of the year so he figured Brae would probably be watching a movie or otherwise taking it easy in school so he decided to go have fun. I was happy for them but extremely jealous. Don't get me wrong I am actually very lucky that I truly do enjoy what I do, but I love my family and spending time with my family more. It was a ho-hum, busy day until... an OT student was having her last day of he 3 month affiliation and the sweetheart bought many of the therapists little thank you gifts. Totally unnecessary and a total surprise. Anyway I have to admit I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my gift. And the only thing better than an empty one of this cute glass is this cute glass full of what it was made for. So check it out and THANK you Raquel...seriously you made my day in an otherwise oh whoa is me kind of day!!!
This Vino is for you!!


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

end of year gifts

You know I figure I am somewhat crafty so I always want to make at least a portion of the gifts my children give to their teachers. The funny thing is that lately that means that my own relatives or friends do not get homemade gifts. My parents are coming up tomorrow and I won't see my Dad on Father's day so I wanted to throw something together for him.."this butt is for you" with the pun on Butt instead of Bud's. I love little kids doopas so I was going to throw together cute pictures of my kids with their naked bums as babies because what grandparent does not love cute doopas. Ahh but best laid plans. I did not get around to it and I am ok with that but here is the spectacular treats that I have finished. I have to admit I think they are kind of cute but not truly spectacular. The special's teachers and the bus driver get a cone shaped treat filled with candy and a dunkin donut gift card and the teachers get gift cards to various stores but check out the cute gift card holders and the cute cards that were made for them. It is funny that I find that I start out strong with projects and by the end i am pretty damn excited to be finished with it. That being said...I finished. yeah


Friday, June 11, 2010

yeah, yeah another post

So I can only upload 4 images at a time and I wanted to share these cards that I made for a friend in need. She needed a thank you card and an anniversary card so I made these for her to give out. I am also posting again to play with how to align the pictures I post. I do not love where they are placed in the finished post, but again as you all know if you know me or read my blog... I am completely computer illiterate. Thank goodness I have been reading The Power of Now by Echardt Tolle because I realize that my computer issues are just what is happening to me at this moment and it is neither good or bad it just IS. It sounds hokey but this thinking works for me and allows me to laugh at myself.

Also an amazing, happy place blog I came across is called Kind over matter. It makes me feel good to read so check it out.

ps I just wanted to say that I know the peace sign off is kind of kitch but I have always beleived myself to be a hippie at heart. I have always wanted to run away and join greenpeace as a kid and I love the peace sign itself so for now and ever
peace :O)

ssshhhhh! kids R sleeping

So I frolicked and played and fed the two comrades lunch and now they are napping. Typically they do not nap but Amelie has a gymnastic exhibition tonight and her buddy Kierce is going to watch her. the problem is that is starts when bedtime usually is so they are napping (I hope, I haven't resorted to listening at their doors!) Anyway so many new and exciting things are going to be happening at my favorite store, Ink.Paper.Scissors in Sturbridge I think they are going to be having a grand re-re opening to celebrate once again their brand new BIG space (Did I say BIG? I meant to say HUGE!) Also, soon their website will be up and running again so stay tuned, it may already actually be up, I am going to check myself when I am done with my post. I wanted to post some pictures of a few things first here are 4 graduation cards that were going to be offered for coffee and cards at Ink paper scissors so take a peek.


holy crap do I suck on the computer

So I am home with my daughter and nephew today and they are playing very nicely so I thought I would just do a quick post. Well there is this new tool to change the look of your blog so i figured I would play a little. Holy crap I started hitting buttons but then could not get back to my original and was not liking what I was doing. Not that I have a million and one followers (or even a few that actually check my blog)...but I hope you like the new look. I have to admit I do not LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it but it will do for now. So now like 1 1/2 hours later (maybe not that long) I am going to sign out and go play with my cherubs. I will post what I wanted to later!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

new day..

So I sought the assistance of my wonderful, patient husband and he helped me to sort out my computer woes. The kids had a half day today and due to the fact that it is raining and they don't often get to watch TV mid week they are getting a treat and are watching The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe so I have been prepping dinner, folding laundry, and generally attempting to clean. So i figured I would try again to upload my pics, you know, give it a whirl (yes I used whirl again, I have become rather partial to that word) Ooh, Ooh, Ooh I just had a card idea from that so stay tuned for that one but here are the trifold ones using little yellow bicycle papers.


Monday, May 17, 2010

cards for coffe and cards at INK PAPER SCISSORS

So, my husband asked how my blogging was going and I replied... Weeellll since I don't have any really active followers it has been a few months since my last blog. He gave me a tsk, tsk and told me that wasn't the point (It's not?... Oh yeah I do it because it really is fun when I get around to it or have something to say) Well here is me saying something. My favorite scrapbook store in Sturbridge, INK PAPER SCISSORS is letting me do some card classes on Wednesday morning, WOOO-HOOO. I have to say I am a little nervous that this little side business idea of mine is really starting--so many questions, mainly What if I just SUCK. When I make my own albums who cares if nobody likes it, it is for me, but putting stuff out there that other people may want to learn, buy, or just hang out with me, well that is pretty daunting to me. Then I tell myself seriously Jen, if this doesn't work it does not take away from the fact that creating makes ME happy and I will still put my hands to work for things for myself. In the meantime, I am giving it a whirl (isn't that a fun word? whirl, go ahead say it and see if it doesn't make you smile). Well here are the 4 cards that will be offered this Weds. May 19. Sorry for all the blank white space around the cards, truth be told I stink at the whole computer thing and my hubby went to bed so forgive the quality.----Ok so, honestly I have done the uploading before but for some reason my computer will not cooperate today. So I will try again tomorrow when I can seek assistance!!

jenny :O)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

one fine sunday

well, we have had a very relaxing weekend and I just got done cleaning the car, the upholstery is gray...who knew? Anyway I am super excited for my nieces and one of my nieces friends to come up later this afternoon to scrapbook with me. yep, two almost 10 year olds and two 13 year olds with me for 24 hours. I am really excited. I have supplies on hand for make your own sundays, yummy, yummy. They are really sweet girls and can't wait to scrap with them. Also, they are twilight lovers so, hip hip hooray we get to watch new moon at my house tonight while enjoying all of our junk food!

I am sure to be jelly by tomorrow night but as of right now I am pretty excited!

have a fantastic sunny afternoon

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling much better

Well i was feeling sick at work on Thursday and thought I might have a fever but did not want to go home so took a few advil and felt much better but 6 hours later i started feeling crappy again so i took a few more advil. But then i started to feel guilty because I work with kids and if i really did have a fever i could be passing it on. So i had a nurse take my temperature and it was a whopping 96 degrees ( no wonder I was freezing all day). Anyway i was fine...until I got home. By the time i got home i had a 102 fever and remained very sick for the remainder of the evening and all day on Friday. i was feeling anxious because i had to work a long shift at my favorite store Ink Paper Scissors on Saturday because they had a private crop going on and all the girls are off taking classes with some pros like Tim Holtz (sigh). i did not know if i was going to be able to do it, but with no lapses of my dayquil i did it. The group of girls were very nice and some very amazing layouts and cards were done that day. The girls brought some great smelling and looking food, but i wasn't really feeling hungry yet. Just had my flat ginger ale and coffee by my side. I made a few easter cards for my mother in laws. I think i might make another for my own mom, don't want her feeling left out or anything. But here are the cards I made. The long rectangular greeting fits inside the green envelope.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

one rainy tuesday

i finally got the pictures of my last two cards onto the computer. It will be a total of 12 cards taught sometime in April at Ink Paper Scissors. I helped out at the store this past weekend and I think fun was had by all I know I definitely enjoyed myself. Just walking around looking at all the paper, embellishments, and general doo-dads. I have been down or rather feeling pretty irritable the past few days. I have read been reading the Echart Tolle book "the power of now" for a while now and I love it. It has really made me enjoy being in the moment. However, I got frustrated with myself in the past few days due to losing my cell phone, which I still haven't found and misplacing other people's money for a PTA pancake breakfast (which has been found and accounted for). But it was interesting because as i was frustrated at myself the whole world seemed to get ugly. Everywhere I turned people were caustic and complaining or generally not happy. For awhile now I have been able to laugh that off or actually feel badly for people who identify with negativity but yesterday it just made me exhausted. Also, I LOVE my children they are my life and my joy, but the last two days I have merely enjoyed the thoughts of them. I like them being around me and playing and hearing them laugh but not necessaily playing with them. They are high energy kids and I was tired of refereeing or repeating directions a million times, or teaching them generally how to be good kids. I know it is normal but it makes me feel guilty because I am very aware how fast time flies an I want to strive to be present and enjoy every moment I have with them. OK enough complaining, I am climbing out of the depressed irritable stage (it will be easier next week if you get my drift due to PMS i am sure).

There is a blog I follow "I wrote this for you" I will leave you with a quote from their March 4th post: "It sounds pretty but I disagree. I believe there are moments in your life when you have to dance like everyone is watching."

enjoy the day

Friday, March 19, 2010


Well I just realized that the night before summer I will have to think of a new title because if I title it summer's eve people may think I am at home douching!! I just wanted to write a quick blurb because as I pulled in my driveway and stepped out of my car after a long day at work I could not believe how beautiful the weather was. It was still nice out at 9 pm. Then I looked up at the sky and what a clear, wonderful starry night. It just feels good to be on the brink of warmer, longer days. The grand opening festivities at Ink Paper Scissors is tomorrow. There will be many make and takes, give aways and even a door prize. Hope to see many faces there both new and old.

Have a wonderful Spring Eve

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Ink, Paper, Scissors store in now OPEN

If you love paper crafting and stamps and new ink and wonderful people you will be happy to know that the new Ink, Paper, Scissors store in Sturbridge, Ma is now open. They opened the store for the first time yesterday. Their grand opening festivities will be next weekend. The store is fantastic, so many new products and what a HUGE room for creative inspirations and they have added new tools to their workshop area including Sizzix big shot and another huge sizzix die cutting tool (sorry I don't know the name). They will be acquiring a cricut expressions machine for all you cricut fans as well as getting the new machine from sizzix the eclips when it becomes available. I was so happy walking through the store yesterday. Not only are the products great with many more new things added this week but the owners are wonderfully, nice, sweet, fun, helpful people. OK I think I have gone on long enough about them. Be sure to check them out this coming weekend March 19th, 20th, and 21t for free make and takes and stuff!!!

Have a happy day, myself am in my comfy sweatpants and am about to go pick up my kids from Gramma-Lee's house. What a wonderful weekend our whole family had; my kids playing with grandparents and myself walking around a store with new goodies. I just love the smell of new paper (Iknow weird but I do) and my hubby and I had a date night and went to Kaizen in Sturbridge last night--YUMMY. It was sooooo good!

have a great sunday
jenny :o)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feelings of spring is in the air

I feel completely rejuvenated after this past weekend's weather. The kids and I were out as much as possible, OK so I took some time for myself on Saturday to start spring cleaning while they enjoyed the outdoors Saturday am. But it felt absolutely wonderful to play outside. Both the kids and I took our first falls of the season on our bikes, actually I tried going off a small jump with my daughter's bike, probably why I fell. Anyway, just 6 more days until the grand opening of Ink. Paper. Scissors. I know that I am extremely excited and although the store has only been closed one week thus far I miss it already. I have been at a loss when I run out of adhesive, which happens ALL the time. Figured I post a project I made around the holidays. I made these wine charms for my mother for Christmas. She loves wine and i couldn't think of anything to buy her so I made her these charms, super easy and very pretty.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's test 2 for posting pics... Thank goodness for tech saavy husbands. Sorry about the quality of the queen card. It is a very textured card so my scanner had difficulty picking up the details without blurriness.


first card class

OK so I have the first 10 out of 12 cards finished for a card class I will be doing sometime in March at the new Ink. Paper. Scissors. Please watch for their grand opening because those girls have been hard at work to bring some of the newest, latest and greatest products to their store. I am going to try to post pictures of the cards but this is my second try so hopefully I will get it this time.

Well on my second attempt I was able to find the pictures but I have not been successful in being able to rotate them. So, I will post 5 of the ten cards so that you will get an idea of what the cards look like. Sorry they are sideways. I will put up more pics once I can figure out how to get them to go the correct way. Thanks for you patience. And please come again, even if it is to laugh at my computer ineptness, I don't mind!