Friday, June 11, 2010

ssshhhhh! kids R sleeping

So I frolicked and played and fed the two comrades lunch and now they are napping. Typically they do not nap but Amelie has a gymnastic exhibition tonight and her buddy Kierce is going to watch her. the problem is that is starts when bedtime usually is so they are napping (I hope, I haven't resorted to listening at their doors!) Anyway so many new and exciting things are going to be happening at my favorite store, Ink.Paper.Scissors in Sturbridge I think they are going to be having a grand re-re opening to celebrate once again their brand new BIG space (Did I say BIG? I meant to say HUGE!) Also, soon their website will be up and running again so stay tuned, it may already actually be up, I am going to check myself when I am done with my post. I wanted to post some pictures of a few things first here are 4 graduation cards that were going to be offered for coffee and cards at Ink paper scissors so take a peek.


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