Friday, June 11, 2010

yeah, yeah another post

So I can only upload 4 images at a time and I wanted to share these cards that I made for a friend in need. She needed a thank you card and an anniversary card so I made these for her to give out. I am also posting again to play with how to align the pictures I post. I do not love where they are placed in the finished post, but again as you all know if you know me or read my blog... I am completely computer illiterate. Thank goodness I have been reading The Power of Now by Echardt Tolle because I realize that my computer issues are just what is happening to me at this moment and it is neither good or bad it just IS. It sounds hokey but this thinking works for me and allows me to laugh at myself.

Also an amazing, happy place blog I came across is called Kind over matter. It makes me feel good to read so check it out.

ps I just wanted to say that I know the peace sign off is kind of kitch but I have always beleived myself to be a hippie at heart. I have always wanted to run away and join greenpeace as a kid and I love the peace sign itself so for now and ever
peace :O)

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