Tuesday, June 15, 2010

end of year gifts

You know I figure I am somewhat crafty so I always want to make at least a portion of the gifts my children give to their teachers. The funny thing is that lately that means that my own relatives or friends do not get homemade gifts. My parents are coming up tomorrow and I won't see my Dad on Father's day so I wanted to throw something together for him.."this butt is for you" with the pun on Butt instead of Bud's. I love little kids doopas so I was going to throw together cute pictures of my kids with their naked bums as babies because what grandparent does not love cute doopas. Ahh but best laid plans. I did not get around to it and I am ok with that but here is the spectacular treats that I have finished. I have to admit I think they are kind of cute but not truly spectacular. The special's teachers and the bus driver get a cone shaped treat filled with candy and a dunkin donut gift card and the teachers get gift cards to various stores but check out the cute gift card holders and the cute cards that were made for them. It is funny that I find that I start out strong with projects and by the end i am pretty damn excited to be finished with it. That being said...I finished. yeah


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