Tuesday, March 23, 2010

one rainy tuesday

i finally got the pictures of my last two cards onto the computer. It will be a total of 12 cards taught sometime in April at Ink Paper Scissors. I helped out at the store this past weekend and I think fun was had by all I know I definitely enjoyed myself. Just walking around looking at all the paper, embellishments, and general doo-dads. I have been down or rather feeling pretty irritable the past few days. I have read been reading the Echart Tolle book "the power of now" for a while now and I love it. It has really made me enjoy being in the moment. However, I got frustrated with myself in the past few days due to losing my cell phone, which I still haven't found and misplacing other people's money for a PTA pancake breakfast (which has been found and accounted for). But it was interesting because as i was frustrated at myself the whole world seemed to get ugly. Everywhere I turned people were caustic and complaining or generally not happy. For awhile now I have been able to laugh that off or actually feel badly for people who identify with negativity but yesterday it just made me exhausted. Also, I LOVE my children they are my life and my joy, but the last two days I have merely enjoyed the thoughts of them. I like them being around me and playing and hearing them laugh but not necessaily playing with them. They are high energy kids and I was tired of refereeing or repeating directions a million times, or teaching them generally how to be good kids. I know it is normal but it makes me feel guilty because I am very aware how fast time flies an I want to strive to be present and enjoy every moment I have with them. OK enough complaining, I am climbing out of the depressed irritable stage (it will be easier next week if you get my drift due to PMS i am sure).

There is a blog I follow "I wrote this for you" I will leave you with a quote from their March 4th post: "It sounds pretty but I disagree. I believe there are moments in your life when you have to dance like everyone is watching."

enjoy the day

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  1. I love Jen's cards and just can't wait for her to teach these at the store! Class is Monday, April 26th at 6:00 p.m. So, even though it's my birthday I'll be celebrating my way ... taking this class with Jen!