Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling much better

Well i was feeling sick at work on Thursday and thought I might have a fever but did not want to go home so took a few advil and felt much better but 6 hours later i started feeling crappy again so i took a few more advil. But then i started to feel guilty because I work with kids and if i really did have a fever i could be passing it on. So i had a nurse take my temperature and it was a whopping 96 degrees ( no wonder I was freezing all day). Anyway i was fine...until I got home. By the time i got home i had a 102 fever and remained very sick for the remainder of the evening and all day on Friday. i was feeling anxious because i had to work a long shift at my favorite store Ink Paper Scissors on Saturday because they had a private crop going on and all the girls are off taking classes with some pros like Tim Holtz (sigh). i did not know if i was going to be able to do it, but with no lapses of my dayquil i did it. The group of girls were very nice and some very amazing layouts and cards were done that day. The girls brought some great smelling and looking food, but i wasn't really feeling hungry yet. Just had my flat ginger ale and coffee by my side. I made a few easter cards for my mother in laws. I think i might make another for my own mom, don't want her feeling left out or anything. But here are the cards I made. The long rectangular greeting fits inside the green envelope.



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