Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feelings of spring is in the air

I feel completely rejuvenated after this past weekend's weather. The kids and I were out as much as possible, OK so I took some time for myself on Saturday to start spring cleaning while they enjoyed the outdoors Saturday am. But it felt absolutely wonderful to play outside. Both the kids and I took our first falls of the season on our bikes, actually I tried going off a small jump with my daughter's bike, probably why I fell. Anyway, just 6 more days until the grand opening of Ink. Paper. Scissors. I know that I am extremely excited and although the store has only been closed one week thus far I miss it already. I have been at a loss when I run out of adhesive, which happens ALL the time. Figured I post a project I made around the holidays. I made these wine charms for my mother for Christmas. She loves wine and i couldn't think of anything to buy her so I made her these charms, super easy and very pretty.


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