Thursday, August 19, 2010

zentangle at the beach?

So I just had a great beach trip with my family for a few days this week. One of the days I was sad I did not bring some Zentangle supplies to the beach with me since I thought it would be fun to "doodle" while sitting at the ocean. Justin suggested i make something in the sand and so I did. This is my zentangle inspired rock creation. Boy did I have a blast doing it and boy was it relaxing. Hope you enjoy. It lasted for an hour or so until we went for a walk and the kids next to us came to check it out and crushed it. I honest to goodness did not mind and as we were walking back to our blanket I had to tell my own kids, "now kids I think those kids are probably changing or tearing apart mommy's creation and that is perfectly fine" since I did not want my cherubs to be mean to the other kids. and how zen-like that I truly meant it when I said I didn't mind... Yeah


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